FAPTV is an online comedy hub founded by a group of Vietnamese comedians who write, film, and share short stories and sitcoms via Facebook Live and Facebook Watch.

While in-person performances were restricted during 2020, the FAPTV team began actively expanding their online audience and developing new monetization streams by selling merchandise and utilising Facebook’s monetization tools.

Mr. Nguyen Tri Tai, Sales & Marketing Department, FAPTV, shares an insight into how Facebook products and tools helped the team double their online community and increased merchandise sales by ten-fold.


1.Double online audience

2. Drive merchandise sales

3. Increase revenue


FAPTV quickly realised that learning more about its audience was essential to achieving its monetisation and audience growth goals. By optimising Facebook Watch time - gaining more viewers and increasing the length of time those viewers stayed watching - the team would be able to deliver an increase in monetisation.

Step 1: Analyze 

To learn more about their audience, FAPTV derived insights from Facebook’s Creator Studio. The group analyzed data such as the age and gender of its audience, which videos performed best, and what time of day most viewers consume content.

To compliment quantitative insights, FAPTV actors regularly engage with fans by chatting with them in real time on Facebook Live. They often use Polls to get to know their fans better. This combination of audience insights were then used to inform their content strategy.

Step 2: Content Strategy Revision

By applying the insights from Creator Studio, the team was able to write material and create shows they knew would better resonate with their audience and post at a time their fans were online.

Key content revisions:

1. Theme development - Analysis showed the audience was embracing ‘everyday life’ comedy. To meet this need, they developed a series called Com Nguoi around this area of interest.

2. Being on-trend and culturally relevant - Key to the Page’s success was to understand its fans’ environment and remain culturally relevant. One great success was’s Tang Lop Sinh Vien' based Student / teenager life Story.

3. Integrating merchandise sales - The team used Facebook Watch to drive merchandise sales by

- Featuring FAPTV products in their Videos and

- Ending Videos with a banner that directed fans to purchase merchandise

4. Remaining true to their original mission - In the midst of all this development, the team ensured their new content was aligned with FAPTV’s original Page purpose - to bring laughs and positivity to the community


Step 3: Apply Best Practice

Coupling these audience insight-derived content revisions with Facebook best practices allowed FAPTV to maintain their audiences’ attention and gradually release longer videos. The team saw great success when implementing these best practices:

1. Creator collaboration - Each FAPTV actor shares FAPTV videos on their own Page, tagging their co-stars. This helps the individual fans of each actor discover FAPTV content, boosting Page followers and driving an increase in Video views.

2. Thumbnails and Captions - Analytics shows that videos with thumbnail and captions delivered more views, so these two production elements were included in all new videos.

3. Playlist development - the team created and named a Playlist for each series to help their audience navigate their growing library of content. They found viewing behavior in Playlists generated more views for consecutive videos. The FAPTV team targeted each series to the right audience.

4. Copyright protection - FAPTV used Facebook Rights Manager to protect the unauthorised usage of their content by others. Every FAPTV video is uploaded to the Rights Manager.

Step 4: Monetise

The FAPTV team uses Facebook In-stream Ads as their primary monetisation tool. This tool supports in-stream video monetization by adding ad breaks to videos - even back catalogue videos. This increased revenue by ensuring it’s whole back catalogue of videos was working (and earning!) hard for the team.

The group also included product banners at the end of their videos, encouraging viewers to visit the FAPTV page to purchase merchandise.


By implementing Facebook tools and best practices, the FAPTV team successfully grew its audience, drove merchandise sales, and increased revenue over the course of one year.

Between January 2020 and January 2021, they achieved the following results:

- 707M+ views of long form video (3mins+)

- 200% increase in video uploads (2020 vs 2019) with more than 80% being long form video (3mins+)

- 11X more growth in merchandise sales than expected

- 42% of FAPTV’s overall revenue was generated by In-stream Ads (Jan - Dec 2020)

All results provided by the Partner “By implementing Facebook tools such as Creator StudioRights Manager, and Instream Ads, we tailored content to match our audience’s interests, and optimized our content strategy with data-driven insights. This has helped us more than double our audience and increase both merchandise sales and revenue in just one year. It seems that Facebook is as unlimited as entertainment and creativity!”


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